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Deborah Young San Diego Wedding Minister

Fees and Payment Options

Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Rehearsal, Commitment Ceremony, Renewal of Vows,
Baby Blessing Ceremony, Coming of Age Ceremony, Memorial Ceremony,
Wedding or Baby Shower Ceremony & House Blessing Ceremony

Kicking up the heelReverend Young’s fees vary according to the location and size of the wedding. The amount of personalization and time needed to create the ceremony varies with the size of a wedding so please call 619-239-3306 or email her with the information or fill out the web inquiry form under the "contact" tab.

A  non-refundable deposit of is required to secure the date of your ceremony. This fee is deducted from the total cost so only the remainder is due on or before the day of the event.

Here is some information that will help you in understanding the fees for wedding officiants:

Your ceremony is the most important part of your wedding and choosing the right officiant, who can have a lasting impression on you and your guests, is priceless. You can cut corners on anything else but the officiant creates the beautiful words that bond you in marriage and captures your love for each other. The memory will be a lasting in the hearts of your friends and family. When you compare what you are paying the photographer, DJ, dress, etc. your officiant is the least expensive, yet the most important and necessary vendor.

The cost for a wedding officiant in San Diego ranges from $250 - $950. It is important to know the difference between ministers performing ceremonies in their church where they are employed and are paid a salary and the wedding officiant (also ministers) who work for themselves. They are in their own business and have all the expenses of a small business, computers, faxes, printers, scanners, paper, office supplies, business cards, brochures, stamps, stationary, telephones, car expenses, advertising, etc. Reverend Young spends an average of 10 plus hours on a wedding including meetings, phone conversations, emails, writing the ceremony, traveling to and from the wedding &/or rehearsal.

Fees for officiants are based on length of experience, reputation, high quality, reliability, professionalism and personality. Reverend Young has 20 years of experience in performing wedding ceremonies and is well known in the wedding community in San Diego and has published articles in wedding magazines. She is a member of many wedding organizations and keeps up with current wedding trends.

She was ordained through a year long program in a San Diego Spiritual Church where she was trained in every aspect to be a minister and spiritual counselor and thoroughly trained in weddings. This was done through physical classes. She also trains wedding ministers.

She has a strong reputation and respect in the community for consistency of personalized, delightful elegant weddings that are highly valued and respected. They way in which she delivers the ceremony and her personality and charisma makes the difference from an ordinary wedding to an unforgettable treasured event that you and your and the guests will always treasure.